Chinese HErbals

Chinese herbal formulations are traditionally dried herbs like leaves, flowers, stems and roots that were soaked, boiled twice and taken in tea form a few times a day.  Today we can take the same herbs in a more convenient form as herbal powders, capsules, pills, tinctures and topical salves.  Empress Acupuncture carries herbs that are safe, quality tested and effective.  

At your initial evaluation a herbal formula can be prescribed depending on your symptoms, Chinese pattern diagnosis and health goals.  


Eastern Nutritional Therapy

Food can be medicine or poison depending on our choices. Eastern food therapy takes into account one's imbalances and uses foods that balance and heal those imbalances as a "food prescription".  

Food therapy also encompasses the way food is prepared, how much "Qi" or energy a food contains, the way we eat food and can affect how our body processes and utilize energy.