Chinese face reading or physiognomy can be used for very accurate non-invasive health diagnosis and is especially effective in diagnosing digestive, immune, hormonal disorders and particularly illnesses of unknown etiology.  Remee's mastery of face reading and knowledge of Oriental Medicine has rendered her one of the premier Chinese medical diagnosticians in the US.  Face reading is not practiced by many acupuncturists in the US due to the preference of tongue and pulse diagnosis in most Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine programs, yet it was one of the original tools used by acupuncturists as it is mentioned in the ancient Chinese texts.  

For the diagnosis of health the face is used as a map of the body to determine the state of function in certain organs related to each facial feature.  Wrinkles, spots, redness, pimples, indentations, sagging and skin quality in a specific areas or in combination give information as to the imbalances that lay within the body.  If you have many of the above skin problems check out LIFT Facial Rejuvenation for anti aging.

In cases of an unknown cause of disease or disease of unknown etiology each system of the body is carefully scrutinized in terms of anatomy, physiology, Oriental Medical philosophy, the tongue presentation, medical history and facial features that correspond to Chinese diagnostic patterns.  Once the pattern is determined a treatment protocol can be implemented that provides predictable results in re-balancing the body and addressing the cause of the disease.

Remee Gemo has studied and taught Chinese Facial Reading extensively and was one of the first to earn the highest certification of "Ming" Golden Path face reading with Lillian Bridges a world reknown face reader, author of the definitive text on Face Reading.  Remee teaches face reading at the Lotus Institute in Seattle, WA and the Energy Medicine Center in Richmond, VA.

Due to the holistic nature of Chinese Face Reading there are a myriad of emotional and spiritual applications of face reading.  Call or text to schedule a consult to learn more about how you can benefit from Chinese Face Reading at 804-501-8060 or drop us a inquiry on the contact page.