Having worked with pregnant women in Midlothian and  Richmond, VA for over a decade there are specific areas of relief and comfort that can be addressed readily and safely with acupuncture.

1)   Maintaining a pregnancy

Not only can acupuncture help you become pregnant it can also help with the development, maintenance and ease of your pregnancy.  There is even a specific acupuncture point "Zhubin" known as the "beautiful baby point" whose function is secure the pregnancy, discourage miscarriage and academically according to George Soulie de Morant "gives the child a luminous complexion, the child will sleep at night, laugh during the day, and at the child will have a healthy mind, morale and body". 

2)   Addressing Symptoms of Pregnancy

Morning sickness/nausea, fatigue, sore breasts, spotting, gas, bloating, insomnia, indigestion, heartburn, swollen ankles/feet, leg cramps, backache, headache, forgetfulness, ligament pain, allergies and appetite are just a few of the symptoms safely addressed with acupuncture.

3)   Balancing Emotions

Mood swings, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and overwhelm are emotional states that acupuncture can balance in pregnancy.  Often hormonal transitions, fatigue and the fact that you are carrying around another person 24-7 lends to emotional upheaval that with a session of acupuncture provides you a "re-set" to enable you to be happier and more tolerant of stressors.

4)   Turning breech babies

Acupuncture has been shown to have a 80% success rate in turing mal-positioned or breech babies.  Turning babies with acupuncture is very simple, safe, effective and comfortable.  Often you will notice a increase in the baby's activity to reposition itself within the session.  

5)   Inducing Labor

All babies have their own timeframe which is a favorite office betting pool event.  Should you be interested in suggesting a timeframe inducing labor with acupuncture has a 68-83% success rate (Tsuei 1974).  

6)   Post Partum Relief

Once your bundle of joy has arrived your health and well-being is as much of a priority as your baby's in order to flourish in your roles as mother and child.  Acupuncture can help speed recuperation after labor, alleviate fatigue, improve lactation, address mastitis, ease any body pain, and of course bring your baby blues or post-partum depression back into balance.