Chinese Medicine Services from Empress Acupuncture in Richmond Virginia

Chinese Medicine is a combination of Chinese modalities that can help the detoxify the body, improve fertility, alleviate stress and addresses most major health imbalances across many systems.  

Chinese Medicine  uses acupuncture which is the gentle insertion of tiny needles into acupuncture points.  This chinese medicine method is one of the better known modalities.  It is very effective in treating physical ailments,  mental emotional disorders, infertility, hormones and digestion.

In Chinese Medicine we also employ Chinese herbals.   These are different from herbals sold in pharmacies or vitamin shops in that they are personalized to each patient’s unique set of symptoms and disease pattern.  They are combinations fo herbs that have been used for thousands of years, empirically tested formulas that improve organ and hormone function, benefit the digestion, immune system and hormonal system.  They are prescribed by your acupuncturist who is also a Chinese herbalist and as your health improves your combination of herbs is altered to get you to the next level of health.  


Eastern food therapy is a very healing and much needed branch of Chinese medicine.  In a time where the quality of food is in question and digestive and metabolic disorders run rampant guidance in time tested food therapy is life changing.  In Chinese Medicine food is seen as curative medicine when used properly, but used in excess or improperly  it is also the cause of many diseases and imbalances.  In Chinese medicine food therapy food is “prescribed” according to the individual’s specific array of symptoms and imbalances.  Each person is different and their energetic and physical health needs are different so your acupuncturist will design a protocol specific to you.  

Chinese face reading is a diagnostic method that sets Chinese medicine apart.  There are only a handful of practitioners of Chinese medicine that utilize this intricate method in the United States.  The face is a micro system of the entire body.  Each body system’s health or malfunction can be decerned from facial features, lines, blemishes, discolorations and complexion.  Face reading can also see where there may be stuck emotional energy, undiscovered talents and personality traits.

Chinese medicine is a fascinating, effective, natural method of healing that has existed for thousands of years.  If you would like to experience a treatment or have a specific need that may be remedied by Chinese medicine please contact us or make an appointment at the link below.