Mystery illnesses or disorders of unknown etiology notorious for leaving one feeling confused, hopeless, helpless and depressed. Often those suffering from mystery illnesses undergo a barrage of tests, evaluations and seek out doctors in many different specialities in the hopes of finding a diagnosis.  The technical difficulties of diagnosis are many in allopathic medicine which tends to take a few symptoms and compares them to known diseases in order to form a diagnosis    There are a myriad of tests, which have results to interpret, as well as all the different factors and presentations of the endless number of diseases.  

Diagnosis is one of the strengths of Chinese medicine, without a correct and proper diagnosis there is no plan of action to help the body heal.  Correct diagnosis is also important to prevent further damage to the patient, improve mental emotional state and quick recovery by immediate treatment implementation.

In Chinese medicine, diagnostics are actually very logical, low tech and easy to understand which is beneficial to determining the cause of mystery illnesses. The ancient Chinese were astute observers.  It is by observation of the body, its signals and close analysis of symptoms that a Chinese practitioner comes to a diagnosis.  

In my practice I use face reading and five element theory to diagnose my patients presenting with disorders of unknown etiology or mystery illnesses.  The face is an incredibly accurate map of your health, barometer of the health of different organs, and a  the reliable readout of body  functions or dysfunctions.  Eventually a pattern of imbalance emerges with analysis of a patient’s face and tongue along with a thorough intake detailing all symptoms, emotions, lifestyle and medical history.  There is a finite number of patterns of illness in Chinese medicine along with a corresponding proven method of correcting those imbalances via acupuncture, herbs, food therapy and lifestyle changes.  It is within this paradigm that Chinese medicine excels in providing a Chinese diagnosis for that which is considered a mystery illness in allopathic medicine.  

Not only is Chinese medicine able to extrapolate a diagnosis but it is also able to determine the root cause of the disease.  Mystery illnesses can be remedied and at times resolved by determining  the root cause of one’s disease symptoms that are affecting the body.  For example, in a particular Chinese diagnostic pattern insomnia, reflux, rashes and headaches can all be part of the same pattern, therefore; implementing the solution to that pattern disharmony results in eventual improvement of all those aforementioned symptoms.

Additional advantages to Chinese diagnostic theory is its the ability to hone in on which organ system may be weak or malfunctioning in order to give allopathic medicine a more precise area to examine.  In the case of one of my patients who had abdominal bloating, skin discoloration, fatigue, fevers and a general sense of malaise Chinese diagnostics were able to determine that there was something dysfunctional in the upper right quadrant of his small intestine having to do with some type of toxicity.  When examined closer a polyp was found in that length of the intestine as well as an underlying severe allergy to three foods common in his daily diet.  The Chinese diagnosis led his doctor to do allergy testing and take a closer look at his intestines to come up with some solution to a problem that was previously categorized as a mystery illness.

So if you suffer from a disease of unknown etiology, feel less vibrant but don’t know why or have a mystery illness, Chinese Medicine may provide you with answers and treatments to benefit your health and get you on a road to healing.  Call us for a complimentary consultation to find out if acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help:

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Sleep disorders

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Weepiness, greif

Menstural disorders

Headaches, migraines

Digestive disorders

Skin disorders


Abdominal pain

Vivid dreaming


Bells Palsy

And many other symptoms

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