How Acupuncture Increases Chances of Conception

Acupuncture increases chances of conception in many ways. One method is by improving chances of implantation by relaxing the muscles, ligaments and tubules in the reproductive organs. There is an improvement in blood flow in blood flow which in turn thickens and nourishes the uterine lining, balances hormones and the body's hormone response. 

Another way acupuncture improves chances of conception is by reducing stress. Stress has been shown to be a negative influence on fertility by increasing cortisol in the body which throws off your body's hormones, metabolism and sleep cycles. 

Acupuncture is beneficial to the chances of conception because it improves overall well being by increasing the body's efficient use of energy, improves the efficient function of various organ systems, helps boost the immune system and is beneficial to sound sleep.

All these advantages to acupuncture increase your chances of conception so give us a call at 804-501-8060 or use our online scheduling to set up your appointment.


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