Detoxification & Acupuncture Program (DAP)

Detoxification is an important part of maintaining the body.  Our world has progressively become more toxic, more unnatural and full of adaptation challenges for our bodies.  Additionally, food is less nutritious, healthy eating is often a luxury in the fast paced 24/7 plugged in lifestyles of today.  

In Chinese Medicine it is understood that the body will naturally detoxify itself in the Spring from the heavy foods of winter and hibernation sluggishness.  While in the in the fall the body naturally detoxifies to prepare for harsher weather and hold on to calories for warmth. 

The summer and winter are stressful seasons in regards to maintaining temperatures, activity and food sources so these seasons are discouraged as times to detoxify due to the added stress.  The New Year’s resolution of starting a detox to clean up from the heavy, sugary, calorie dense celebratory foods of winter is done in good intent but is actually considered detrimental to the body.  January is the middle of winter and still cold and the body tries to hold on to calories, so depriving it of food and forcing a purge is counterproductive.  

Also note that any type of diet/fast that severely weakens the body such as extreme calorie restriction or dependence on a single food/drink etc is also detrimental to a body.  Such extreme detoxes are useful for profoundly robust young and excess types such as teenage males that are excessively yang but are only harmful to other types that need support to strengthen and not deplete the qi/life force of the body.

This is a protocol that is subtle, effective and natural.  You will not starve or feel weak.  One can employ it in whole or in part as needed during the detoxification times of the year and some parts can be made part of daily life.  

The Acupuncture portion that is designed to accompany this program utilizes acupuncture points that encourage the various detoxification organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs intestines and skin to cleanse and balance themselves by releasing toxins, strengthening organ function and improving blood and lymph flow.

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