When you come to Empress Acupuncture for an infertility acupuncture session we begin with a detailed history.  We will not only go over your reproductive health but your general health as well.  One of the strengths of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is that it is a holistic medicine that takes into account the how different systems interplay, what other aspects may be influencing your infertility and ways that your body can more efficiently come into a state of wellbeing.  Acupuncture and Oriental medicine seek to address the root of the problem instead of addressing just the symptoms of a deeper imbalance.  In this method of treating the root cause of your infertility you gain greater and more lasting improvement in your health.  


Once we have established your Chinese diagnosis via the interview and medical history I do a Chinese facial analysis, look at your tongue and occasionally a Chinese pulse diagnosis.  Most acupuncturists will check tongue and pulse but I find that face reading is so accurate (to the degree that I can tell what quadrant of the uterus an embryo has implanted in) I tend to lean heavily on that diagnostic method.  Being a master face reader sets my practice apart from others in that it is a quick, efficient and exact diagnostic method.  Not all acupuncturists are trained in Chinese Facial Diagnosis as it requires an additional three years of study and apprenticeship to master and having earned the title of Master Chinese Physiognomist (face reader) I have found it an invaluable tool to help others with their healing.  


The next step in your session is talking about eastern nutritional therapy, and any applicable herbal formulations if desired.  I tend to use food as the first form of medicine and if merited I encourage herbals to expedite improvement.  Eastern food therapy is very different than typical “diet” advice as Chinese therapeutic food therapy depends on the energetic quality of food. For example for certain patients hot flashes can be improved by adding cooling foods like peppermint or cucumber to the diet, this is one way of treating in a Yin /Yang way of balancing, “if it is hot; cool it.”  


Afterwards we begin the acupuncture session in a relaxing, dimly lit room.  For more details on the acupuncture session check out this blog.