Today we sat down with Remee Gemo of Empress Acupuncture in Richmond, Virginia, to ask her some questions about what services she provides and why she specializes in fertility acupuncture.

>What drew you you to working with women’s health?

I love a challenge  and women’s health was a natural fit for my skill set as it is the most complicated arena of Chinese Medicine specialty with a strong basis in science.  I have degrees and training in the Sciences, Biology and Psychology which transfer well into understanding the details of women’s hormonal fluctuations, bloodwork values, physiological processes and emotional needs.  I also saw a need in the area for a women’s healing center that offered acupuncture for women from a woman. 

>What types of issues do you treat?

I treat any type of women’s health disorders including hormone, fertility, menstrual, menopausal and emotional problems.  I do acupuncture for pregnancy maintenance, post partum healing and overall maintaining balanced health.  Additionally, I enjoy the detail work and fine needling skills needed to do Acupuncture Facelifts and treat Bells Palsy.

Acupuncture is not just a therapy it is path to live your best life in happiness, vitality and balance.
— Remee Gemo

>What are your favorite successes?

I love seeing people’s faces change as treatments progress.  I am also trained as a Chinese facial diagnostician and the changes that I see in someone’s face with acupuncture still amaze me. Over time I see their faces have fewer and fewer signs of imbalance in the face, less depression more shine in the eyes and more “Qi” or life force showing that they are becoming balanced and are healing.  Also I love getting Christmas cards every year with pictures of all the "acupuncture-babies" that were helped by acupuncture.

What would your advice be to a prospective patient?

Be open to believing in your body’s powerful healing ability.    The acupuncture enhances, encourages and gives a boost to your body’s natural healing mechanism.  Also take responsibility for the excess stress and bad food choices that may have made it easier for disease to take a hold.  Part of maintaining health is reading your body’s distress signals and taking action to change what causes imbalance and disease.

If you are interested in a consult with Remee please contact us today.