Decades of healing work and clinical observation has allowed me to create system of therapy with a strong base in the energetic theory, five elemental philosophy with exceptional if not amazing clinical results.  Remee Energy Medicine and Intuition system of therapies (R.E.M.I. system) is unique a 5 branched system of healing.  The five branches consist of energy work, nature based remedies, acupuncture meridian therapy, intuitive diagnostics, and face reading.

The energy work branch is a mixture of Reiki, Chinese yin yang theory, and chakra therapy.  Energy can be influenced by the physical, mental or spiritual aspects of our being.  Often I find at he core of disease emotions are the basis of many physical ailments.

The nature based remedies include plant or herbal therapies, medicinal tea, aromatherapy and meditation.  These are modalities that help by supporting the physical body systems and boosting available energy for healing.

The acupuncture meridian therapy branch relates to use of acupressure, esoteric acupuncture and  acupoint stimulation methods.  This ancient system has a myriad of applications, I like to teach my patients how to utilize points that can best serve the maintenance of their emotional and physical well-being. 

The intuitive diagnostic branch is utilized to diagnose the energetic imbalances, evaluate auric disturbances, identify areas of disease or blockage and determine best treatment methods to apply.  Medical Intuition, auric scanning, and Chakra balancing are a few of the methods used.

The last branch consists of facial reading which can diagnose imbalance, show energetic flow or blockage, identify important life patterns and discover a person's life path and where adherence or avoidance of that path has caused disharmony.

These methods are highly effective, gentle and life changing.  
Everyone can benefit from this therapy but it is most often used for those that are seeking the next level of well-being that expands into the the spiritual and emotional realms. It is gentle enough to be applied to children, those that are acupuncture needle-averse, those that are severely ill,  as well as those suffering from illnesses of unknown etiology aka "mystery illnesses", and is particularly useful in emotional or energy based disorders.    

R.E.M.I. energy work sessions are very relaxing, grounding and balancing.  Depending on the type of imbalance a person is seeking to remedy one may need multiple visits.  Visits are typically 1 hour long.  Contact us via phone, email or text to set up your treatment.  

To learn more about becoming a R.E.M.I. system practitioner please contact us below at our sister site Energy Medicine Center. Or check for upcoming R.E.M.I. classes on our calendar (private classes can also be requested).

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