How Fertility Acupuncture Helps Women & Men

Acupuncture helps fertility in Women by:

  1. Regulates cycles

  2. Increases chances of implantation

  3. Increases blood flow and circulation to the uterus in order to nourish uterine lining 

  4. Relaxes muscles and tendons in the lower abdomen to allow tubes to remain more open 

  5. Balances hormones required for fertility/pregnancy

  6. Increases quality and quantity of eggs

  7. Improves energy level

  8. Alleviates stress and anxiety

  9. Alleviates the symptoms of  PMS and pregnancy

Acupuncture helps fertility in Men by:

  1. Alleviates the symptoms of PMS and pregnancy ;)

  2. Alleviates stress and anxiety

  3. Increases libido

  4. Improves hormone function

  5. Improves sperm quality, quantity, mobility and morphology

  6. Improves energy level

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