Chinese Face Reading for Couples and Singles

For our February newsletter I decided to highlight Chinese face reading for couples in a relationship as well as singles looking for a relationship.  During the Chinese dynasties one of the primary functions of Chinese face reading was matchmaking.  This not only meant romantic matches but included all interpersonal relations such as those within a work group, siblings, parent/child, or friends and business associates.  The ancient art of Chinese face reading reveals personality traits one may have, type of work ethic one has, it can determine communication styles as well as identify where personalities match or clash.  

Readings I have done for couples in the past have been well received.  It is a unique activity to do together plus it allows greater understanding between partners.  Areas commonly addressed are lifestyle, how to better communicate and education about the of five elemental personalities to gain perspective on how they react to each other.  

One couple that came in for a face reading gained greater insight into a longstanding household argument.  He felt that she always nagged him about putting his clothes away and she felt that he shouldn’t be treating her like his mother, left to clean up after him.  When analyzing their faces it was revealed that she was a metal type and he was a earth type.  So as a metal type she needs open organized space and tidiness to be happy and clearheaded; whereas, as an earth type he is more comfortable in “lived-in” informal surroundings and his focus is on loving warm interactions rather than environmental details. He never realized that a tidy living space was essential to her comfort and he was particularly sensitive to her nagging as an attempt to control or express disapproval when in fact she merely needed a clean room in order to relax.  They left happy in this discovery and it became less of an issue once they realized the natures of their personalities.  

This is definitely not couple’s counseling or a replacement for professional marital help but I have had couples state that the face reading session was much more productive, enlightening and helpful than years of marriage counseling because they finally felt like they understood each other. 

For those in the lonely hearts club this Valentine’s Day Chinese face reading can also be used to find a romantic match. If you not yet in a relationship but are interested in finding out more information about a potential match just bring in a photo.  Or if you do not have anyone specific in mind, face reading can also be used to determine the best facial features to look for in a mate to match your personality

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