Acupuncture and Chinese medicine encourage using food as the first form of medicine.  Food is how our bodies rebuild and heal itself on the other side of the coin it can also be the origin of disease.  Paying attention to how many chemicals, low quality processed or fast foods vs. healthy vibrant, organic foods we consume can drastically alter the state of our health.  Food can influence our hormones, organs, immune systems, brain, and numerous other functions essential to life and especially the creation of life.  

Foods that benefit fertility and pregnancy tend to be seeds, nuts, bee pollen- foods that are the reproductive parts of plants, also foods that in eastern food therapy nourish the "blood" like seaweed, bone broth, blackstrap molasses etc.  The "blood" in Chinese medicine not only encompasses the erythrocytes or red blood cells but all fluids in the body including hormones, lymph, saliva, cervical mucus, synovial fluid, breast milk to name a few.  

Add the following foods to your diet and they are best if cooked in a stew or soup, cooked or eaten warm as those preparation methods make them easier to digest and keep the abdominal temperature cooling.


black beans


black sesame seed

bone marrow/broth, organic

liver/pate, organic



ghee (clarified butter)




dark green vegetables


royal jelly/bee pollen

blackstrap molasses


Foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant:




pungent spices (like cardamom, coriander etc)

cold food

raw food


Overly processed foods

Dairy except organic butter and organic ghee


Food choices can hurt or help your fertility

Food choices can hurt or help your fertility